Kirkland Appraisals

Kirkland Appraisals is an appraisal firm out of Raleigh, North Carolina, founded by North Carolina native, Richard (Rich) C. Kirkland Jr. who sought to go beyond traditional appraisal services and offer comprehensive appraisal analyses for a variety of property types.

We have 30+ years combined experience in North Carolina and work extensively throughout the Piedmont and throughout the state. We provide excellent quality appraisal services. Specializing in land appraisals, conservation easements, before and after analyses and other more complicated property types, we can help define the question you need answered from an appraisal perspective and give you that answer.

We regularly provide expert witness testimony in local community jurisdictions as well as state regulatory boards. Kirkland Appraisals’ work has been accepted by the North Carolina Superior Courts as competent material evidence on a number of occasions. We are confident and succinct public speakers and are just as comfortable providing testimony in an open forum as we are doing analysis at the desk. We have provided expert witness testimony hundreds of times across over 20 states in hundreds of different jurisdictions. We regularly address the question “Would this hurt property value if this were built?” and perform analysis to make that determination. With regularity we provide testimony on both sides of this question, against and for proposed developments.

We are licensed in multiple states and we have worked all across the country on different projects. We look forward to seeing how we can address your appraisal questions.